03.04.10 – 21.07.13

Three years and three months. And that’s it. Yes, perhaps I did something that made it irreversible, but I don’t think I will regret it. You were making use of me, leeching me of my moola every step. you were scared perhaps for me to break all ties for fear that I would get all the money back from you and told your parents. So yea, that was what I did. 


I cannot imagine that while we were supposedly celebrating our 3rd anniversary in KL, you have already started a new relationship. And I had to buy snacks for your new boyfriend. And every time you travel to meet him, date him, stay with him, I paid for your transport. I asked you who is Fat Fat and Ah Fat, you had the guts to tell me it’s you and me. And later you can actually say, I shouldn’t have ask. You said you don’t feel the love, you claimed I am busy and I have a temper. From your love messages, you tolerated the same thing from him. You said you have not done anything with him, yea right, what’s with the lube and staying over in his room. Don’t forget how dirty you are having been drunk raped before. You refused all physical contact with me, and claimed that you have turned off to dicks. My ass.


You cheated me of my feelings, my money, and you want me to stay in your life forever. For what? To be cheated over and over again? When I wanted to work things out, all I got from you was “I have nothing more to say about these things anymore.” Great, you want to burn the bridge, let’s burn it together.

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